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Vocabulary Test

Improving your vocabulary has numerous benefits. You can communicate ideas more effectively, understand more of what you read, and even tell stories more humorously.

The best way to enhance your vocabulary is very simple. You need to read more, and choose books that are more and more challenging for you. Not only will you increase the number of words you know, but you will learn and understand how to use them properly. Expanding your vocabulary is no good if you use impressive words in the wrong place.

This site offers a way to test your vocabulary. A convenient side benefit of using our vocabulary tester is that you get a chance to learn the meanings of words you don't know.

So, test your vocabulary and learn new words!

Coming Soon To Vocabulary Builder

We are working on the following new features:

  • Tag words to practise them.
  • Challenge your friends to take the test you just finished.
  • Test yourself on words other people find hard.

Signing Up

There is no requirement to register with this website. You can do the vocabulary test as a 'guest' and we'll keep track of your score as you go along. At some point there will be additional functionality available to people who do register, but we've not figured that out just yet. Don't worry about that - just test your vocabulary!